Project abstract


Bioethanol production from Multi-feedstocks

The purpose of the 2G BIOPIC project is to demonstrate the performance, the reliability and the sustainability,
of the whole value chain of production of bioethanol from agricultural and forest residues.

The innovative patented concept proposed by 2G BIOPIC consists of cleanly deconstruct lignocellulosic
biomass before converting its components into high value products:


Key production of the project. It is obtained thanks to dedicated enzymes and yeasts technologies, able to convert all sugar sources of the biomass (C5 and C6).


Regular polymer of phenolic monomer. It is a high value building-block for green chemistry. It is used in the project in replacement for phenol in phenolic resins.

Demonstration plant

The 2G BIOPIC demonstration plant is based on the scale-up and optimization
of bioethanol production from an already validated pilot plant scale (50Kg/h) achieved
in a previous European Programme (FP7 BIOCORE).
The data and experience generated during the project will demonstrate the technical viability,
environmental, social and economic sustainability of the 2G BIOPIC technology and produce
the knowledge necessary for the future scale-up to a industrial plant.

Project objectives

2G BIOPIC aims to design, construct and optimize a second generation (2G) demonstration plant with a capacity of 1 ton of biomass per hour.

Increase bioethanol yield per ton of biomass processed, by combining technologies with advanced strains for enzymes and yeast able to convert more than 90% of sugars.

Energetic and technical optimizations of the demonstration plant process parameters.

Secure the economic viability of the process, through the production of a high value bio-based co-product: the BioligninTM.


2G BIOPIC and DYADIC will be present to
« Fuels of the Future »

13th International Conference on Biofuels
18-19 January 2016 – Berlin

EU targets for 2020:
· 20% reductions in GHG emissions
· Introduction of 20% renewable energies
· Introduction of 7/10% of biofuels in transport sector

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